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    We're focused on your company's success and growth. After initial consultation we produce a brief which shows you where we think you should take your business.

  • No Matter What People Tell You, Words and Ideas Can Change the World.

    If you have an idea about where you want your business to go or would simply like to avail of some energy saving resources, contact us.

  • Accelerate Your Business Development & Growth

    We provide affordable support to businesses to help them solve problems, grow and develop. Businesses can’t afford the exorbitant rates charged by the large consulting firms, but nonetheless would benefit from the advice and experience of outside experts from time to time.

More About Us

Clients we have worked with..

Our portfolio is varied and extensive. We have worked with clients from numerous sectors and in each and every case our efforts have led to a change in business processes which resulted in increased profitability. It is the varied nature of our clients that has provided us with the experience to be able to provide accurate and cost effective solutions.


Services tailored for the iGaming industry.

Retail & Wholesale

We have extensive experience with companies in the Retail & Wholesale sector.

Governmental & NGO’s
Governmental & NGO’s

We have participated in an extensive list of projects.


We are heavily involved in the Entertainment Industry.

Our Services.

You want to eliminate waste, differentiate yourself through customer experience or improve customer retention. You need a reliable implementation strategy, or you are about to embark on a challenging programme of change and you are looking for a consulting partner at a price that delivers significant return on your investment.

I take passion in sourcing and implementing solutions to business challenges. I work closely with organisation leaders, from Senior Managers to CEO's and Chairpersons offering a foward-looking strategic vision to help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability.

Corporate strategy and strategic planning :

Providing industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, scenario planning, strategic planning process design, and alliance management.

Brand strategy, growth, and innovation :

Assist Business to create new sources of revenue growth. Tailoring proven best practices to the particular business and industry, developing innovation processes, and create distinctive brand strategies.

Organizational effectiveness :

Experience in organizational design, including leading-edge solutions As well as innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management, and other aspects of workforce development.

Functional strategy :

My strategy consulting services include support for functional strategy development across Sales, Marketing and IT departments.

Sales Strategy & Programs Implementation.

Sales is what is going to drive up the revenue in your business. It sounds obvious, but can often be overlooked in the chaos of the day to day running of a business. We're going to look at ways to make sure sales becomes a natural part of your day to day operations.

Marketing Services.

Marketing is a process, a lifecycle that will constantly evolve around your business. Working with you and your team we will look at some of the most effective and actionable options you have at your disposal and work out the best marketing plan to suit your business and your budget.

Strategic Business Consultancy.

You've brought it this far, what's next? Is your business running as efficiently as it could be? Are you harnessing the available technologies to streamline your workflow and processes? We can look at areas for expansion or growth, new revenue models, new product or service offerings or even help to restructure your business model.

Innovation Strategy.

SERVICES Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We will look at your customers, your products, your service, and your market and explore avenues that you may never have considered before.
Welcome to your discomfort zone!

Legal & Compliance.

Running a small business can be challenging enough without having to worry about legal issues. By making sure you take the right advice and approach, the various obstacles can be navigated with ease.

Business under performing?

Businesses can underperform in many different ways. At Assistix we can guide you through a process of analysing your business. This will identify the key issues that are causing it to underperform. Once identified they can work with you in preparing practical action plans and are happy to support through the implementation phase also.

Who Are We.

ASSITIX ASSOCIATES is a small consulting firm that delivers breakthrough solutions in Customer Service, Leadership Development, Organisational Culture Change and in the design and deployment of new and more Efficient Capital Project operating models.

We are leaders in Commitment-based Management™, a management discipline designed to positively transform the relationships of your employees, customers and partners to increase operational effectiveness and organizational innovation.

All our work starts with the premise that businesses are fundamentally networks of commitments between people. This is the foundation for rapid change and transformations that are sustainable.

ASSISTIX thrives on helping clients tackle their most challenging business problems and opportunities and delivering fast and enduring results.

Strategic Planning.

Looking to take your business to the next level? We’ll work with you to help you put in place a strategic plan to truly scale up and will help you to determine your optimal business model.

Executive Coaching.

We have a dedicated team of outstanding executive coaches with extensive track records in working with diverse organisations on leadership transitions. Our team offers a full range of executive and senior management experience serving as facilitators, as motivators and as sounding-boards as you deal with your business goals, interpersonal relationships and self-management issues.

Company Training

A variety of activities before, during and after our training strengthens the value and impact of the training itself. This in-turn helps our clients achieve the expected business results. Turn the money you have invested into a permanent change in behaviour, optimize effectiveness and impact daily activities.

Leadership & Culture.

We assist companies in understanding how to create greater accountability for results in their teams and organisations. Our culture change services are used by companies of all sizes to achieve key organizational objectives such as increasing revenues and profitability, reducing costs and successfully implementing major organisational initiatives.

Talk to us !

You will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do to make your business more profitable. It costs nothing to become aware of how you can do things differently and achieve more !

Assistix Associates – Ideas of Value

  • There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.

    Author image
    Ray Goforth Boeing CEO
  • Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.

    Author image
    Charles F. Kettering American inventor, engineer & businessman.
  • People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Author image
    Tony Robbins American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach.

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